About Us

We provide competitive, efficient, safe and reliable heavy warp travel services for Entropia Universe.

Starfinder XXXVI currently boasts over 55k Structural Integrity, meaning it can withstand over 55,000 damage before being destroyed (this is without any repairers or gunners on board), allowing you to fly with peace of mind.


Most of all, what you can expect is fast, friendly, and safe service.



Find me in game: xx Priest xx

Why Fly With Us?

  • One of the strongest Privateer ships in game with experienced Captain/Crew
  • Simple/competitive pricing
  • No additional charges for passengers, take as many as you want (no limit) and split the costs 🙂
  • No pickup fees, ever. 
  • Free quad wing flights to planet if needed (to avoid teleport fees).
  • One of the most attractive regular customer programs that currently exists (up to 25% off for up to two months at a time, and they rollover)
  • Ultimate privacy – on each warp you will be provided access to a secure/locked (non-public) Discord channel for all communications. Once the trip is over, you will be removed. This provides total privacy during your trip ; helpful if you are transporting loot.
  • We run repair sklling runs and/or space hunting trips from time to time at no charge.
  • Cool and helpful people are in the Discord server, and a fun SOC if you’re interested 🙂

More details​

Please visit our Warp Service Page for complete list of our services.

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